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Monday, March 28, 2016

DIY Gardening Box From Pallets

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The warm weather of spring is the best time to get started on a new outdoor garden, but what if you do not have anywhere to garden? An ideal solution to this problem is to use a planter. This can be an item that you can buy or make at home. One idea is to make your own DIY gardening box from pallets.

Building a DIY gardening box from pallets will require at least four pallets and some scrap wood. You need to make a frame and add some supports for your planter. Securing the pieces is done with nails or by using some screws.
Your DIY gardening box from pallets can be placed on a deck or on a patio. This will be an excellent way to grow herbs and other types of plants. Just make sure the planter is really sturdy as it will be heavy with a lot of dirt. Instructions to make a DIY gardening box from pallets are on here...

DIY Gardening Box From Pallets