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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Scrap Wood Butcher Block Cutting Board

Scrap Wood Butcher Block Cutting Board
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Do you have some pieces of scrap hardwood left over from other DIY projects? A perfect solution is to make something that will be useful for yourself or as a gift, like a butcher block cutting board. Making a cutting board out of wood is really easy to do.

A few tools like a saw and a set of clamps all you will need to make a butcher block cutting board. You need to have some gorilla glue handy too, and can be found online on Amazon. The wood you are using needs to be cut into strips about ¾ of an inch wide.
Glue the pieces of wood for your butcher block cutting board and secure with the clamps. Wait at least four hours or so for the glue to dry. You can then sand it smooth using a hand held sander. The last step is to apply a food safe finish. Instructions to make your own butcher block cutting board are on here...

Scrap Wood Butcher Block Cutting Board

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