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Saturday, March 19, 2016

DIY Rope Tree Swing Tutorial

DIY Rope Tree Swing Tutorial
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Are you looking for a simple outdoor project to do once summer arrives? If you have some rope and a decent amount of rope, then you may want to make a DIY rope tree swing. This is an ideal way for you to enjoy the outdoors and you can even do some modifications.

A 2x6 piece of wood will be perfect to use to make a DIY rope tree swing. One important tool you will need for this project is a power drill. Four holes need to be drilled into the wood. Make sure that all the holes are marked perfectly at each corner of the wood before drilling.
An extremely important part of making a DIY rope tree swing is finding the right tree. You will need a tree with a large enough branch to support the swing. Simply loop your rope over the branch and then tie is to your piece of wood. Instructions to make your own DIY rope tree swing are on here...

DIY Rope Tree Swing Tutorial