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Friday, March 25, 2016

Guide: Mason Jar Terrarium

Guide: Mason Jar Terrarium
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Are you looking for a way to bring the look of a garden indoors without having to add any plants or an assortment of flowers? A really simple way to have the look of a garden is to make a terrarium. One way to do this is to use mason jars to make your own mason jar terrarium.

One thing to keep in mind about a mason jar terrarium is pets are not able to get to the plants. This will be a great way to display a miniature garden on any shelf in your home. You will just need to get all of the materials that are needed to complete the project. 
The most common items to use for a mason jar terrarium will include rocks and moss. Soil or compost will also be needed. You will use rocks for the base and then build up your terrarium. Simply water regularly and enjoy your miniature indoor garden. You can find the instructions to make a mason jar terrarium on here...

Guide: Mason Jar Terrarium