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Saturday, April 23, 2016

DIY Bubble Fountain

DIY Bubble Fountain
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Would you like to add some visual interest to your garden or backyard? A great way to do this is to add a pond or set up a fountain. Fountains that you can buy at the store can be a bit pricey. You might be better off by making a DIY bubble fountain.

A couple of terracotta pots are all you need to make a DIY bubble fountain. Just modify the pots for the water pump that will need to be added. The best thing about using terracotta pots for this project is you do not need to drill any extra holes as there should be one at the bottom.

Simply set the water pump in place and run the hoses through the pots you want to use. Add some rock or stone to make the DIY bubble fountain look more decorative. Add some water and then turn it on to make sure it works. Instructions to make a DIY bubble fountain are on here...

DIY Bubble Fountain