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Thursday, April 7, 2016

DIY Packing Tape Transfers

DIY Packing Tape Transfers
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Are you interested in ways to personalize some plain looking glasses that are in your bar? One option is to use a stencil and some paint, but this is not an ideal solution. A better option is to make stickers or even better, create your own DIY packing tape transfers.

The key to making DIY packing tape transfers is to print an image on a printer. Make sure your images are ink based or the transfer will not work. You will also need the right tools to complete the project. A simple burnisher will be needed, as well as a pair of scissors.
Simply place a piece of your packing tape over an image. Water will be used to dampen the paper so it will be easy to rub off with the burnisher or you can use a craft stick. Once the paper is gone, then you can adhere the image to a glass. Instructions to make DIY packing tape transfers are available on here...

DIY Packing Tape Transfers