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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Homemade Seed Balls For Gardening

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Do you have an area of your yard that is perfect to use as a garden? You have a lot of options if you are thinking about planting all types of seeds. A great way to plant seeds is to forgo regular planting methods and make homemade seed balls instead.

The process to make homemade seed balls for planting is really easy to do. If you know how to make a batch of peanut butter balls, then seed ball making is really similar. Seed balls are made by mixing clay with some soil and the seeds you want to plant.

Making homemade seed balls is a terrific activity to do with kids. The best part is kids have the chance to add to your garden by simply tossing a ball onto the ground. Just make sure all the seed balls you make have at least 24 to even 48 hours to dry before planting. Instructions to make homemade seed balls at home are on here...

Homemade Seed Balls For Gardening