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Friday, April 8, 2016

Magnet Building Sticks

Magnet Building Sticks
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Do you remember playing with wooden construction sets when you were really little? Toys for kids today are a lot more sophisticated and can be expensive. If you want to make something that is similar to a classic construction set, then a set of magnet building sticks may be perfect.

The best thing about magnet building sticks is, they can be easily be used to make all types of designs. You have the option to follow a set of plans or go with your imagination. These sticks are great for kids who like to be creative. These sticks can even be paired with small metal marbles to make all types of interesting shapes. 
Some dowels, some small magnets, and glue are all you need to make magnet building sticks as a fun DIY project. Just make sure to wait for the glue to fully dry before using the sticks to build all sorts of unique shapes and designs. Instructions to make your own magnet building sticks are on here...

Magnet Building Sticks