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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wine Bottle Citronella Candles

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Are you looking for a unique way to provide additional light for a deck or a patio? If you have a few old wine bottles handy or even some glass bottles, then consider making wine bottle citronella candles. An added bonus is that these candles will also help keep mosquitoes away.

Making some wine bottle citronella candles means you do not need to put on bug spray. Simply light a few of these candles and enjoy a relaxing evening. If you have use tiki torches before, then you will see these are really similar. Your DIY versions will be a lot cheaper to make though. 
A few rocks or marbles can be used to make your wine bottle citronella candles a bit decorative. Make sure you have the right type of tiki fuel and the wicks for your candles. The best thing is you can simply refill the bottles with once they are low on fuel. Instructions to make wine bottle citronella candles are found on here...

Wine Bottle Citronella Candles