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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10 Outdoor Crafts For Kids

Summer is fast approaching and that means you may be spending more time outdoors and may want to find ways to keep kids occupied. There are a lot of things you can do for fun depending on the space you have available. You may be surprised at the types of fun outdoor crafts for kids that are available.

Some fun outdoor crafts for kids include DIY painting crafts, water activities, and yard bowling. If you have proper the materials and supplies on hand, you can make almost anything you want. Do you know that a game of Yahtzee can be played in your backyard?

We have complied a list of fun outdoor crafts for kids that are not difficult to do? Simply make a list of the crafts that look like winners and then round up the materials that will be needed. The best part is you do not need to wait for summer to start on a new project. 1. Recycled Bottle Bowling 

Recycled Bottle Bowling
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2. DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights

DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights
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3. DIY Sponge And Duct Tape Bath Boats

DIY Sponge And Duct Tape Bath Boats
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4. $5 DIY Yard Yahtzee

$5 DIY Yard Yahtzee
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5. DIY Water Wall

DIY Water Wall
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6. Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Rainbow Bubble Snakes
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7. DIY Ring Toss Game

DIY Ring Toss Game
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8. Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk Paint
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9. DIY Sprinkler Fun

DIY Sprinkler Fun
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10. DIY Bird Feeders

DIY Bird Feeders
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