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Friday, May 27, 2016

DIY Botanical Wood Slices

DIY Botanical Wood Slices
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Are you interested in fun ways to use items like tree branches as crafts? You may be surprised at all the ideas that are available. If you cut a large branch into slices, you have something to use to make DIY botanical wood slices.

All you need is a standard ink jet printer to make DIY botanical wood slices at home. You need to print an image on wax paper to be able to transfer it to a slice of wood. However, you will need to cut all of your wood slices first. This can easily be done with a tool like a miter saw.

Once your DIY botanical wood slices are complete, you can then seal them by using polyurethane. This is the best way to preserve the image. Just make sure that the ink has had time to fully dry on the wood if you want to do this. Instructions to make your own DIY botanical wood slices can be found on here...

DIY Botanical Wood Slices