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Sunday, May 29, 2016

DIY Clay Pot Flower Horse

DIY Clay Pot Flower Horse
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Are you looking for a super fantastic way to decorate your garden or need something to display in the front yard? If you already have a garden fountain, then an alternative is needed. There are lots of ideas to choose from and one that just may be perfect is a clay flower pot horse.

Making a clay flower pot horse is not difficult to do, but will take some time. You need to use a variety of terracotta pots that you need to assemble in the shape of a horse and then decorate. Simply add a bit of paint to give your horse a specific color.

One thing you will need to do before starting a clay flower pot horse project is make a list of materials you will use. This includes gorilla glue and a few nuts and washers. A metal rod or pole is also needed for the project as it will act as the frame. Instructions to make a clay flower pot horse are available on here...

DIY Clay Pot Flower Horse