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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

DIY Glow Stick Balloons

DIY Glow Stick Balloons
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Are you planning a party and want really awesome decorations? Balloons are common to have at birthday parties and such, but they are kind of boring. A fun way to add a bit of excitement will be to make DIY glow stick balloons.

Making DIY glow stick balloons is really easy and is a lot of fun too. However, you may get tired of blowing up a lot of balloons. The key to making all the balloons glow in the dark is adding a glow stick to each balloon. Glow sticks can be bought in bulk on sites like Amazon.

You can use DIY glow stick balloons as decorations or to have a balloon fight. Keep in mind that there will likely be some popped balloons, so you will want to have some extra on hand. Oh, you can fill the balloons with helium if you want balloons to float to the ceiling. Instructions to make DIY glow stick balloons can be found on here...

DIY Glow Stick Balloons