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Thursday, June 9, 2016

DIY Rustic Full Length Mirrors

DIY Rustic Full Length Mirrors
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Do you want to add some rustic charm to your home or want something that is totally custom? You are in luck, as there are many ways to accomplish this if you like doing DIY projects. All you will need to do is make your own DIY rustic full length mirrors.

The best thing about DIY full length mirrors is you can reuse an old mirror for this project. There may be old mirrors you can find at thrift stores and garage sales to use too. If an old mirror still has the frame attached, then it will need to be removed.
You will be making a new frame for your DIY full length mirrors. Reclaimed wood will be perfect, but you can also use new pieces of wood. All you need to do is give the wood a rustic or distressed look. A coat or two of stain or sealer also wouldn't hurt. Instructions to make your own DIY full length mirrors are available on here...

DIY Rustic Full Length Mirrors