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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Easy DIY Sunglasses Case

Easy DIY Sunglasses Case
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Are you looking for the perfect craft project to make as a gift or to sell? The hardest part will likely be trying to come up with a brilliant idea. Summer is almost upon us and that means people will typically be wearing sunglasses. Why not make an easy DIY sunglasses case?

An easy DIY sunglasses case will be made of fabric. This means you have a lot of options to consider for a custom design. If you want to take this project a step further, you can also add a monogram. However, starting out with a basic design won't hurt.

The best part of this project is you can measure and cut all the fabric ahead of time. This allows you to make an easy DIY sunglasses case when needed. One thing to keep in mind is the drawstring. Bias tape is a good material to use for the drawstring, but you can also use nylon. Instructions to make an easy DIY sunglasses case can be found on here...

Easy DIY Sunglasses Case