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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Make Ice Candles

Make Ice Candles
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Making your own candles is a great way to be creative because there are a lot of options. One way that you can make candles is to reuse what remains from your old candles. Instead of a making a basic candle as a craft project, you can make ice candles!

You will actually be using ice to make ice candles at home. The ice is what will give your new candles an icy looking texture. Crushed ice will work best if your refrigerator has an ice maker that crushes ice. If not, then you will need to crush the ice by hand.

A double boiler will need to be used to melt your old candles. Just make sure to remove the wick prior to pouring the wax into the form you want to use. A milk carton will make a great container, as will an empty carton that was used for Chinese takeout. The instructions to make ice candles can be found on here...

Make Ice Candles