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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Make Faux Rocks

Make Faux Rocks
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Are you interested in a DIY way to update your landscape? There will be a lot of ways that you can do this if you want to research what is available. One way to make a statement is to add displays like rocks. If you're not a fan of heavy lifting, then you may want to make faux rocks instead

The process to make faux rocks is not all that difficult. All you need to do is create a form that you will cover with a layer of cement or mortar. The form can be made using pieces of foam or even plastic that you have saved to recycle. Chicken wire will also be needed.

A drywall trowel can be used to apply the cement when you make faux rocks at home. Set the rock out in the sun and rotate it until the cement had fully dried. You can then admire your work. Instructions to make faux rocks as a DIY project are on here...