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Friday, July 1, 2016

Newspaper Seed Starter Cup

Newspaper Seed Starter Cup
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Do you want to start growing seeds indoors instead of planting them in an outdoor garden? This can be done if you have a simple seed starting pot or container. You can simply purchase what you need, but you may want to use a newspaper seed starter cup instead. This will be a fun origami project to do.

The best thing about a newspaper seed starter cup is you are able to reuse old newspapers. You will just need to learn how to fold the newspaper to make all the seed starting cups you need. Once the cups are finished, simply add some compost and potting soil before planting your seeds.

Once your plants have grown in your newspaper seed starter cup, they will be ready to plant. Place the cup in a prepared hole and cover with dirt. You will not need to remove the plant from the cup, since the newspaper will breakdown. Instructions to make your own newspaper seed starter cup are on here...

Newspaper Seed Starter Cup