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Sunday, August 28, 2016

DIY Air Filter

DIY Air Filter
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Do you like having fresh air blow through your home, but not accumulate dust? Opening some of your windows is the best way to get fresh air in your home. The only way to keep out dust and dirt is to make a DIY air filter.

Making your own DIY air filter is not hard to do at all. You just need a box fan and a furnace filter that is the right size to complete this project. However, you might want to add a bit of customization to have a unit that is a custom design.

The best way to make a custom DIY air filter is to add a wooden frame. This will allow you to replace a used filter with a new one, just like you would for a standard furnace. If you do not want a frame, then then use duct tape to secure a furnace filter to your fan. Information about making a DIY air filter is available on here...