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Monday, August 22, 2016

DIY Four-Door Shed

DIY Four-Door Shed
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Do you need a space to store garden tools and other items that are taking up space in a garage? A good way to do this is to set up a shed. However, these can be really pricey to buy. What you might want to do is build a DIY four-door shed for your backyard.

You will actually use just four old doors to build a DIY four-door shed. A few pieces of scrap wood will be needed for this project too. The process is not that hard, but you need to make sure the framing is done correctly. A saw and a power drill will need to be used too.

Make sure the doors for your DIY four-door shed are exterior doors. You do not want to use an interior door for this project. They will not hold up to the weather. Once the structure is built, then you can add shelving or do any other customization you want. A build list for a DIY four-door shed can be found on here...