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Thursday, August 18, 2016

DIY Rafter Storage

DIY Rafter Storage
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Do you have a basement with a ceiling that is unfinished? You have the option to put up some drywall or add a drop ceiling for a finished look, but you will be covering up usable space. If you lack areas for storage, then DIY rafter storage may be just what you need.

The process to make DIY rafter storage is actually not that difficult to do. You even have the option of using a piece of drywall or maybe plywood to create an instant shelf. Plywood will be stronger though, and can be painted or stained to look built-in. Just make sure that you attach it with screws.

You can do quite a lot with DIY rafter storage that is in a basement. This is a perfect place to store books or even extra food if you do not have a dedicated pantry in your kitchen. Adding some storage can also be an option. Information about adding your own DIY rafter storage is available on here...