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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Make A Homemade Slime

Make A Homemade Slime
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Are you at a loss for something fun and educational for young kids to play with at home during the day? Buying an expensive product from the store is not necessary when you can make a lot of things at home. One idea that you might want to try is to make a homemade slime
There are only two ingredients necessary to make a homemade slime. The best thing is you might already have what you need in your kitchen. Glitter glue will be one of the ingredients and liquid starch is the other you will need to have. You should be able to find liquid starch at a lot of stores or on Amazon.

Simply mix all your ingredients together to make a homemade slime for kids to use. If more is required for sensory plan, then just make another batch. The perfect consistency for your slime depends on what is preferred when you are mixing the ingredients. Instructions to make a homemade slime can be found on here...

Make A Homemade Slime