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Saturday, September 24, 2016

DIY Car Rim Grill

DIY Car Rim Grill
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Would you like to have a new grill to use when cooking food outside to have for a football game? Buying one that is new will not be inexpensive, even if it just uses charcoal. What you may want to do is make a simple DIY car rim grill as a weekend project.

Making a DIY car rim grill will not be difficult to do. The hardest part of the project will likely be finding a metal or steel tire rim. You can often find all types of tire rims pretty cheap at a local junk yard or scrap yard. Once you have a rim, it will need to be cleaned and painted.

A base will be needed for your DIY car rim grill. If you want to move it around, then casters need to be added to the bottom of the base. A metal pole and some basic hardware will be needed, if you want to make a stand. Instructions to make a DIY car rim grill are available on here…

DIY Tire Rim Grill