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Sunday, September 18, 2016

DIY Magnetic Message Board

DIY Magnetic Message Board
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Would you like to have a custom message board in your kitchen or entryway that is not a typical white board? If you like to find ways to reuse items or upcycle, then a lot of options are available. Something that may be perfect is a DIY magnetic message board.

Making a DIY magnetic message board is actually really easy to do. In fact, you can make one from many types of items like a cheap clipboard. All you need is a magnetic primer or magnetic paint that you can find at a local hardware store or on Amazon.

A cheap clipboard to use for a DIY magnetic message board can easily be found at a dollar store. The best thing is, you can customize it any way you prefer. Some hooks can be added for keys or you can make some holes to hang it on the wall in your kitchen or craft room. Instructions to make a DIY magnetic message board can be found on here…