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Saturday, October 1, 2016

DIY Chalkboard Sign

DIY Chalkboard Sign
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Are you looking for new decorative elements to add to your home now that the fall season is close? An excellent idea for a new decoration is a rustic sign. One option you can do as a DIY project is make a DIY chalkboard sign.

Making a decorative DIY chalkboard sign is not that hard to do and does require a lot of materials. You simply need some scrap wood and some letters. The letters you need can easily be found at a store like Hobby Lobby or you can look online for what you need.

Depending on the wood you have to use, a saw may be necessary. Strips of wood will be attached using a few nails and some glue. You can apply a paint or stain to the wood before adding the letters. You need to apply chalkboard paint to the letters before attaching them to the wood. Instructions to make a DIY chalkboard sign are available on here…