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DIY Leaf Bowl

DIY Leaf Bowl
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Do you have a lot of leaves that cover your yard during the fall? The worst part about leaves is having to rake them up to put in a recycle bag or to use to stuff outdoor decorations. But, a clever way for you to use some of your leaves is to make a DIY leaf bowl.

The process to make a DIY leaf bowl is not that complicated. In fact, you do not need many supplies to make your own bowl at home. The best part is you get to use balloons for this project. The balloon will be used as the shape and size of your bow.

Modge podge will be used as the binder to hold your DIY bowl together. All you need to do is decide on what types of leaves you want to use. Maple leaves are a good option for you to use as they can be pretty big and can be really colorful.

Instructions to make your own DIY leaf bowl can be found on here…

DIY Leaf Bowl