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Monday, October 3, 2016

DIY Mobile Laundry Station

DIY Mobile Laundry Station
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Do you have a small laundry room in your home or maybe no laundry room at all because you have an apartment? Many people keep a hamper in their closet for dirty clothes. What you may want to do is make yourself a DIY mobile laundry station.

Making a DIY mobile laundry station is a great project you can do on the weekend. You will only need some plywood or MDF and a few other supplies. Casters will need to be added to the bottom of the cart so you can move it around as needed. Most of the materials can be found at a home improvement store.

One thing to keep in mind about making a DIY mobile laundry station is you need to design it based on the size of your laundry baskets. The best thing is you can customize your cart in many ways, like adding a door to make it look like a cabinet. Instructions to make a DIY mobile laundry station are available on here…