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Sunday, November 6, 2016

DIY Belt Chair

DIY Belt Chair
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Do you have an old wooden chair with a seat that has seen better days? New upholstery may be all that is needed, but there are various other ways to make a repair. If you have some old belts you don’t wear, then an easy DIY belt chair may be ideal.

Doing a DIY belt chair is not that hard to do. The most difficult part will probably be all the weaving for the new seat section. If belts are not an option, then duct tape can also be used as an alternative. Just make sure that your belts have been tacked into place. This will require the use of a hammer.

Some stretching and pulling will be needed for a DIY belt chair. Something else you can do is use the clasps on the belts to keep them secure. However, cutting the belts with a knife may be better. You may even find a better customization to use. Instructions for how to make a DIY belt chair can be found on here…

DIY Belt Chair