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DIY Drink Perch

DIY Drink Perch
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Do you live in a small space or do not have a place where you can put a side table? A side table is good to have for keeping beverages and other items within arm's reach. If you want a way to keep a beverage on a couch, a perfect solution is a DIY drink perch.

A DIY drink perch is like a sleeve for the arm of your couch. It can even work with a recliner if you do not sit on your couch that often. This project is really easy to make and the best thing is you can use an assortment of scrap wood.

If you want to add a decorative element to your DIY drink perch, a lot of terrific options are available. A bit of tape and some paint are all you need to make some strips. Another option is to add a decal or a sporting team or anything else you like. Instructions to make your own DIY drink perch are on here…