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DIY Drying Rack

DIY Drying Rack
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Do you have a lot of clothes that are delicate and not meant to be put in a dryer? If clothes will need to be air dried, finding a place to hang them can often be challenging. Hangers are often needed to hang a piece of clothing over a door or some other area. A better option is to make a DIY drying rack to use.
The best part about using a DIY drying rack is it folds up and will be easy to store when not being used. All of the materials that you will need for this project can be found at any home improvement store. This item is even something that can be used outside instead of using a clothesline.
This is such as a simple project to do, you might want to make a DIY drying rack for a family member or friend. If you are looking at options to reduce energy use in a home, air drying clothes is a great idea. You will just need an area you can set aside to dry clothing items you have washed. Instructions to make your own DIY drying rack are available on here…