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No-Sew Rice Sock Bunny

No-Sew Rice Sock Bunny For Easter
photo by Handmania

Are you looking for a cute Easter gift idea that does not cost a lot of money? If you enjoy doing various types of crafts at home, then a great idea is to make a no-sew rice sock bunny for Easter. Making a few crafty items is a great way to get your home ready for Easter.

Almost any type of sock can be used to make a no-sew rice sock bunny. The cost is minimal as there is not need to buy any supplies except perhaps a bag of rice. Look at a dollar store to find a bag of rice to buy for about $1. 
Decorating for Easter does not mean having to buy a lot of pricey decorations. A cute no-sew rice sock bunny is a perfect solution if you want an inexpensive decoration. The best part is, you get to add ribbons or use twine to customize your sock bunny any way you want.