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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Make A Patio Privacy Screen

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Do you feel a little too exposed when you want to enjoy a sunny day out on your deck or patio? Having some privacy is something that most people prefer if at all possible. If you are not able to build a fence around your patio, then you may want to make a patio privacy screen.

One important thing to know when you want to make a patio privacy screen is, it should not look like a solid wall. A privacy screen is something that will look decorative and be easy to set up. You will need to use a lightweight material like lattice for this project. 
You can make a patio privacy screen foldable to it can hang from supports. A hanging patio screen will be the best option if you have a covered patio. Simply add some hooks or eye bolts and hang the frame by using a bit of wire. Instructions to make a patio privacy screen can be found on here...

Make A Patio Privacy Screen

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