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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Glow In The Dark Bowling

Glow In The Dark Bowling
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Do you need something fun for kids to do at night when little light is available? Finding the right types of activities can be difficult depending on what you want them to do. Something that you may find is a super fun activity to do is glow in the dark bowling.

Creating your own glow in the dark bowling game will be really easy to do. The best part is, you might have all the materials you need in your home. A few plastic bottles and a ball are all you will need. The only thing you may need to buy is a supply of glow sticks

Simply set up the plastic bottles anywhere you want to play glow in the dark bowling. You can even do this activity outside during the day, at least until nighttime arrives. The ball to use for bowling can be a rubber ball or a hamster ball that can glow in the dark too. Instructions to make a glow in the dark bowling game are on here...

Glow In The Dark Bowling

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