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Saturday, July 9, 2016

DIY Hammock Stand

DIY Hammock Stand
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Do you like the idea of relaxing in a hammock in your backyard, but fo not have a way to hang it? You have various options to consider depending on what you prefer. If you like working with wood, then making a DIY hammock stand is a perfect solution.

You won't need a lot of materials to make a DIY hammock stand at home. In fact, all you need is a few 2x4 boards and the right hardware. You also need to have a saw and a power drill. The best part is your hammock stand can easily be customized to add additional features.

A DIY hammock stand will be perfect for any backyard or a large patio. Something you may also want to have on hand is an umbrella for shade if no shade tree is available. Depending on what you have for supplies, the cost of the project should be less than $50. Instructions to make your own DIY hammock stand are on here...

DIY Hammock Stand