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Make A Cinder Block Garden Wall

Make A Cinder Block Garden Wall
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Do you lack space in your backyard for a garden or want to display something completely custom? Your best option is to go up instead of out. A perfect way for you to do this is to find some cinder blocks to make a DIY cinder block garden wall.

The process to make a cinder block garden wall is pretty easy, once you have a plan. You need to come up with a design or stack a few blocks to see what you are happy with. Just keep in mind cinder blocks can be heavy to move around.

Once you have the design of your cinder block garden wall in place, the next step is to fill up the holes in the blocks with soil. You can use potting soil or a blend of soil and compost. The hardest part of the project may be deciding what you want to plant in your garden.

More information about building a cinder block garden wall is on here...

Make a Cinder Block Garden Wall