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Create Custom Under Deck Storage

Create Custom Under Deck Storage
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Are you looking for ways to add some outdoor storage without having to set up a shed? An ideal solution is to locate a place that is not being properly utilized, like under an existing deck. Some lattice is all you need to easily create under deck storage.

The process to create any under deck storage depends on the space you have available. If a deck is low to the ground, then this may not work. However, a deck that is at least ½ or up one story above the ground will be perfect for this type of project.

All you need to do is add some 2x4 framing and then attach lattice panels to create some custom under deck storage. This can be done using a nail gun or screws. Don't forget to add a gate or a door into your storage area. Another option is to add a simple access panel.

Instructions to create your own under deck storage are on here...

Create Custom Under Deck Storage