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Thursday, March 24, 2016

DIY Wooden Napkin Holder

DIY Wooden Napkin Holder
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Do you spend lots of time outside on your patio or deck during the summer? If you like to have meals or snacks outside, then a supply of napkins will likely be needed. A great way to keep them from blowing all over the place on a windy day is to make a DIY wooden napkin holder.

Making a DIY wooden napkin holder is not that hard, but you need the right tools for the job. You will be working with wood that needs to be cut, drilled, sanded and glued. No nails will be needed to make the napkin holder. Wood glue and some clamps will be used to secure all the pieces. 

A DIY wooden napkin holder can be sued inside the home too. This is perfect to have on a coffee table when watching a sporting event or even a movie. Simply add more napkins whenever your supply runs low. Instructions to make your own DIY wooden napkin holder are on here...

DIY Wooden Napkin Holder