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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Make A DIY Jelly Beans Dispenser

Make A DIY Jelly Beans Dispenser
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Do you expect to have a lot of candy like a vateity of jelly beans left over from Easter? Maybe you like to get candy the day after when it is on sale. Whatever the case, a great way to make these candies accessible is to make a simple jelly beans dispenser.

You may want to have your jelly beans dispenser provide more than one jelly bean at a time. This is something you are able to easily change if you want to customize the design. All of the jelly beans will be stored in a mason jar that is really easy to refill when it gets low.

A jelly beans dispenser will be made out of wood and will not require coins to operate. You need make all the parts that will then need to be assembled. A few pieces of scrap wood will be perfect depending on what you have available. 

Instructions to make your own DIY jelly beans dispenser are on here...

Make a DIY Jelly Beans Dispenser