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Monday, March 21, 2016

Make a DIY Flower Pot Bird Feeder

Make a DIY Flower Pot Bird Feeder
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Do you enjoy watching birds fly around your home during the spring and summer? One way to ensure they stay around for awhile is to provide them with food from a bird feeder. If you want to make your own, then a perfect idea is to build a DIY flower pot bird feeder.

Two small terracotta flower pots are all you need to make a DIY flower pot bird feeder. Just make sure you have the saucers from each pot as they are crucial for the project. You will also need to have some heavy wire, cable ferrules, and a power drill. 
The total cost to make a DIY flower pot will be less than $10 dollars depending on where you can find your materials. You may want to make more than one bird feeder if you have a garden or other area for birds to frequent. Just make sure to replenish your bird feeders regularly. Instructions to make your own DIY flower pot bird feeder are on here...