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Monday, March 21, 2016

Make DIY Glitter Eggs For Easter

Make DIY Glitter Eggs For Easter
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Easter is just about upon us and that means making preparations for creating Easter Eggs. Using a dye is the most common way to decorate eggs, but other alternatives are available. Something that will be a lot of fun to do is make DIY glitter eggs.

You can make DIY glitter eggs using eggs that are hollowed or have been hard boiled. A glitter paste is used to coat your eggs that is made by mixing Modge Podge and glitter. All you need to do is use a brush to decorate all your Easter eggs. 
The best thing to do is to mix up the glitter paste for your DIY glitter eggs into paper cups. You can paint the eggs by holding them in your hand or use a wire stand. The glue should be dry in about 30 minutes or so. You can then get even more creative by adding stripes of other features to your Easter Eggs. Instructions to make your own DIY glitter eggs at home are on here...