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Monday, April 25, 2016

DIY Air Conditioner

DIY Air Conditioner
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Are you livinh in a house that lacks sufficient air conditioning? A lot of older homes may not have central air conditioning installed. This means that window units are typically used instead. If you need an easy way to cool a small area of your home, then a DIY air conditioner is the way to go,

Making a DIY air conditioner at home is really easy to do. You just need is a large Styrofoam cooler, a couple pieces of PVC pipe and a small chip fan. The total cost for this project will be less than $20 and will require a bit of ice or a variety of items that are frozen.

Frozen milk jugs will be the best choice to use with your DIY air conditioner. You need to have a large block of ice as it will take a while to melt. Just make sure that you have extra jugs in your freezer when you need to keep cool. Instructions to make your own DIY air conditioner can be found on here...

DIY Air Conditioner