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Monday, April 25, 2016

DIY Soap Pouch

DIY Soap Pouch
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Are you interested in crafting projects you can make as a homemade gift or use at home? There are a lot of terrific ideas available depending on what you want to do. Something that will be really easy to make as a fun craft project is a DIY soap pouch.

A few inexpensive towels are all you will need to make a DIY soup pouch. This is a terrific idea to use when traveling if you do have have any washcloths that are available. The best part is you can make nearly 30 or so pouches from one large towel! Including a bar of soap if this is a gift is up to you.

You will need to take proper measurements and have a sewing machine handy when you want to make a DIY soap pouch. A pair of scissors will be needed too. Once the soap has been used, simply wash the pouch and use it again. Instructions to make a DIY soap pouch as a craft project are available on here...

DIY Soap Pouch