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Sunday, April 24, 2016

DIY Boot Dryer

DIY Boot Dryer
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Do you lack a way to dry boots or shoes that get wet when out in the rain? A common way to dry shoes is to set them in front of a heating vent. However, this method will not work in warm weather. An even better idea is to make a DIY boot dryer.

A few pieces of PVC pipe are all you need to make a DIY boot dryer to use at home. You need to make a few cuts before you can attach all of the pieces. A hacksaw will be the best tool to use to make all of the cuts that are needed.

Your DIY boot dryer will also require a simple hair dryer. This item is the most important part as it will provide the heat that will be needed to dry boot, shoes, or whatever else is wet. You can use a manual hair dryer or one that comes with automatic settings. Instructions to make your own DIY boot dryer are on here... 

DIY Boot Dryer