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Monday, April 4, 2016

DIY Floating Candle Vases

DIY Floating Candle Vases
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Are you looking for a fun craft project to do with a few empty vases or glass containers? A terrific idea is to make a decorative centerpiece for a table like DIY floating candle vases. These are perfect to have for the home or to make for a creative homemade gift.

The key to making your own DIY floating candle vases is using tealight candles. These candles can be found in bulk online or at any dollar store. You can even make your own by using bottle caps. The one thing to keep in mind is this will take extra time. 
You can add all sorts of decorative elements to your DIY floating candle vases. This includes polished rocks or some marbles you are not using anymore. Just fill up a vase with water and then light your tealight candle and enjoy. A good idea to keep in mind is to light the candle first. Information about making DIY floating candle vases can be found on here...

DIY Floating Candle Vases