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Sunday, April 3, 2016

DIY Garden Toadstool

DIY Garden Toadstool
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Are you looking for something decorative to add to your garden that is not a gnome? There are a lot of good ideas out there depending on what you want to do? Something that you can make that will be an awesome addition to your garden is a DIY garden toadstool.

The best thing about a DIY garden toadstool is you can make it from items you may already have. You will only need just one terracotta pot for this project. A couple more will be better if you want to make more to add more visual appeal to your garden. 
A little acrylic paint will also be necessary to add a custom color for your DIY garden toadstool. You may want to have different colors, like red, yellow, and green based on the plants in your garden. These can be fun to make with kids and to have for a really fun gift. Instructions to make your own DIY garden toadstool are on here...

DIY Garden Toadstool