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Sunday, April 17, 2016

DIY Gold Pencil Holder

DIY Gold Pencil Holder
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Have you come across a website or ads that want to sell you office accessories or gifts? Some things you can find may be advertised as an exclusive item with a sky high price tag. Items like pencil holders can cost $15 to almost $50. A DIY gold pencil holder will cost you about $3.

A variety of small containers are all you need to make a DIY gold pencil holder. In fact, the paint is the one thing that will be the most expensive to buy. A small piece of scrap wood will be used too. You are going to glue all the containers to the wood or screws can be used.

Once the containers are in place and you have waited for the glue to dry, then you can apply paint. You can find gold spray paint at a hardware store or a local craft store. Multiple coats of paint may be needed to finish your DIY gold pencil holder. The steps to make a DIY gold pencil holder can be found on here...

DIY Gold Pencil Holder