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Monday, April 18, 2016

Build A Farmhouse Bench

Build A Farmhouse Bench
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Do you have a large backyard that will be perfect for parties and for family get togethers? A lot of times there will be a need to have extra seating, like folding chairs, available. Instead of using folding chairs for your seating, a much better idea is to build a farmhouse bench.

You can easily build a farmhouse bench with just a few pieces of lumber. In fact, reclaimed wood is an ideal product to use for this particular project. All you will need to do is measure and cut the pieces that are needed to put together your table. Assembly an be done with nails or screws.

The cost to build a farmhouse bench as a DIY project will be less than $20. Your total cost may depend on what you have or need for materials. You even have the option to paint or stain your bench. A bench or two could be useful around a fire pit too. Instructions to build a farmhouse bench can be found on here...

Build A Farmhouse Bench