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Monday, April 18, 2016

Make Hypertufa Pots For Plants

Make Hypertufa Pots For Plants
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Do you want to make your own pots to use for planting flowers or other types of plants? There are lots of options to consider for this type of project. Concrete is a perfect material to use, but you can use hypertufa too. You can easily make hypertufa pots to use for plants.

The process to make hypertufa pots will require making a product that is similar to concrete. A form is also needed that needs to be the size of the pot you want to make. You will need to use a plastic container to mix a batch of hypertufa for your project or maybe a wheelbarrow.

One thing to keep in mind when you make hypertufa pots is releasing the pot from the mold. You need to use a lubricant like cooking spray to make this part of the process much easier. Just make sure that all of the pots have had time to fully cure before using them. Instructions to make hypertufa pots at home can be found on here...

Make Hypertufa Pots For Plants