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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard
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Are you looking for a magnet board or a white board to use at home? These things are not an inexpensive option, depending on what you can find. A much better alternative is to make something at home a DIY magnetic chalkboard

The process to make a DIY magnetic chalkboard is not that hard. You will need to use a sheet of metal and some paint to create the chalkboard that will then need to be framed. A home improvement store is the best place to look for a sheet of metal. You can also order one online from sites like Amazon.

You can use an existing frame or make your own frame for yout DIY magnetic chalkboard. Scrap wood is perfect to use, if you can cut it into small strips. One thing to keep in mind is you might need to add up to five coats of chalkboard paint. The instructions to make your own DIY magnetic chalkboard are on here...

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard