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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Make A Tabletop Fire Bowl

Make A Tabletop Fire Bowl
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Do you have a patio or deck that could benefit from some visual appeal. Sure, you can add some flowers, but a little something extra special wouldn't hurt. A terrific idea is to make a tabletop fire bowl as a super easy DIY project for the weekend.

A terracotta flower bowl is the best type of vessel to use to make a tabletop fire bowl. You also need to find some fire glass for this project. A good place to look is Lowes, but you can also order some online from Amazon or from other vendors. Blue is a common color, but you can use any color you prefer.

The fire for your tabletop fire bowl comes from jars of cooking fuel. These are used to provide heat for buffet trays to keep food warm. Simply cover one with your fire glass and just light it when you want a visually appealing tabletop fire. Instructions to make a tabletop fire bowl at home are on here...

Make A Tabletop Fire Bowl